Program of the 1st Transnational Meeting

First Transnational Meeting- Lisbon-Portugal - 19th-23rd February 2017.

Hosted by Ha Moment.

Total number of participants: 10

 Duration: 3 work days



It served to meet personally the partners, share the aims, present the Badgecraft badge issuing platform, agree on the calendar actions, discuss the recognition tools and questionnaires for educators and for learners, start to focus on skills and competences we wanted to reach, check the timing and action timetable.


 It was decided the calendar for the next TM and TC:

TC: 8th - San Miniato, Italy - 8th-12th May 2017

2nd TM: Satu Mare, Romania 11th - 15th December 2017

3rd TM: Larissa, Greece -10th - 14th Aprile 2018


It was decided to focus on skills to work with learners, on 2 main areas: Learning to learn and Social and Emotional competences.