The project

SK.IN is aimed to fulfill the need for inclusive Adult Training by including learners with fewer opportunities, empowering them on Basic skills and Key competences to facilitate their participation in society and in Labour Market. It is linked with Adult Education priorities because it is aimed to "make a strong commitment to promoting adult learning as a means of fostering solidarity between different age groups and between cultures and people of all backgrounds".

In the project are planned 3 Transnational Meetings during the project lifetime (18 months) for implementation and coordination of the project:

  • first meeting in February 2017 in Portugal;
  • second meeting in December 2017 in Romania;
  • third meeting in April 2018 in Greece;

The duration of each meeting is 3-4 days and the number of participants is 10 (2 from each organization - coordinator and educator). The meetings are hosted by one or more countries participating in the project.


       The project foresees the following milestones:

  1. Preparation phase (December 2016 - February 2017)
  2. First Transnational Meeting (Portugal - February 2017)
  3. Training Course for adult educators (Italy - May 2017)
  4. Local workshops with adult learners in 5 countries (6 workshops with a group of 20 learners each - September - November 2017)
  5. Second Transnational Meeting (Romania - December 2017)
  6. Products creation (May - August 2017 and January - March 2018)
  7. Third Transnational Meeting (Greece- April 2018)
  8. Dissemination of results (April - May 2018)
  9. Final Evaluation (May 2018)