Rational and Objectives

The objectives of this project are :

  • for adult educators to share good practices and tools to better support and improve competence development of their low-skills adult learners, aiming to inclusion in society and to the holistic personal development
  • for disadvantaged adult learners to practice and develop basic skills and transversal skills improving inclusion.
  • to test and apply innovate tools to motivate adult learners from different backgrounds to develop basic competences and transversal skills and validate and recognize their achievements with Open badges
  • to obtain a deep impact in dissemination and quality in Adult Education by creating a Facebook Page and a PDF Booklet about the methods developed, besides the use of the Badgecraft platform
  • to strengthen the cooperation between different types of organization



Transnational component of this partnership represents a fundamental quality factor of the project. Transnational project activities will enrich intercultural learning and training experiences for the adult educators who often manage intercultural issues. Also the project will produce innovative tools and methods in the area of the recognition of learning outcomes and motivate the learning process of different learners. This will be achieved through the testing and learners applications of Open digital Badges.