We expect the following results and outcomes

      Tangible products:

  • PDF Booklet that has a general presentation of the project and aims, of the partner and is composed by two sections: the first section includes adult education methods, tools and good practices for skills development and inclusion; the second section focuses on the workshops and educational activities with adult learners where these good practices have been applied and tested on local level and it includes their results;
  • This website, that contains all the project activities divided by phases, aims and partners presentation;
  • Issued Open digital Badges - they have been the innovative outputs and recognition and motivational tools. They are available on the learner's profile on the Badgecraft platform and will provide rich information about the learning and achievements.

       Intangible outcomes:

  • Developed adult educators' competences to support and motivate achievements of low-sills learners
  • Raised skills, awareness and learning to learn competence both in educators and in adult learners with fewer opportunities through exchange of proper methods and tools provided by organizations
  • Developed tailor-made recognition systems that use innovative Open digital badges to motivate learners in learning process and validate achievements.
  • Strengthened cooperation between different types of organizations developing their capacities through a multisectorial approach