The competences on which working with local learners were chosen after the TC in Italy, adapting activities to the different typology of learners and environment.


The chosen competences were 8:


Badge Curious




Emotional management


Learning to learn


Problem solving






Self- Awareness




For each of these, was created a Digital Badge; The Badge set was designed by Agrado graphic Marco Politano for all the partners.


Each of the 3 partners (Dimitra, Agrado and Satu Mare Prison) chose a similar program of activities in order to stimulate the improvements of some of these competences in their learners.




For the SK.IN project workshops has been registered in BADGECRAFT platform the badge system:




Each partner has chosen the competences it wanted to improve in its learners, has created and designed Digital badges for each of these 8 competences and for each Badge has created  a  description of the relative competence and a list of tasks that the learners have to do in order to claim that Badge.


Each learner could interact even by a mobile App, fullfilling the tasks and  getting the Badges.


The tasks to get the Badges are quite simple: post a photo attesting the presence in the Workshop, write a brief text, compare with a peer the learning, …


Some of these tasks had to be approved by an administrator (educator) or by a peer.




This is an example:


COMPETENCE: Self-awareness             


DESCRIPTION: The participant through the participation in the workshop and the activities done, has the chance to develop self-awareness on his/her life competences.


The person is  able to name the qualities and talents he/she has- assess the area of his/her life where he /she has  satisfying level of competences and skills, and those areas still to improve.




This badge with the enclosed evidence represents how learning was achieved and reflection on the learning process during this international training activity for adult educators. The self-assessment was enhanced through the activities proposed.




-              Provide the image of your Wheel of life


-              Name 2 of your talents


-              Say why you are unique in this group of participants




The Badge system is based on reward-system and on gamification system.


It makes funny and visible the recognition of soft skills – it is based on a self-assessment of the learner.