Program of the Training Course


TC:  San Miniato, Italy) – 8th - 12th May 2017

 Hosted by Associazione Agrado

 Total number of participants: 11

 Duration: 5 days




Aims and tasks TC Italy SK.IN

  •  Assess Educators’ competences through Zero Measurement Tool
  • Provide Educators with tools, competences- to use in the workshops with local learners
  • Finalise Badge system for Learners and Educators- Design
  • Prepare programme for the local workshops (3 countries)
  •    Underline next steps: dissemination tasks, Website, Booklet, Financial situation, next tasks and dates




 1.       Finalise together Zero Measurement tool provided by Dimitra- for Educators and Learners- according to the activities that will be proposed in TC and Workshops

 2.       Finalise Badge System and design-according to the activities

 3.       Each of the 3 countries should develop their own workshops draft programme before leaving

 4.       Short daily Evaluation 15 minutes  (Cards Blob) on flowing and satisfaction on contents, methods,…and final evaluation

 5.       Focus on next steps: final remind and agreement